Essential Things to Keep in Your Vehicle

Essential Things to Keep in Your Vehicle

It is always good to be prepared for the ugly!

Drivers can prepare for several emergency situations that may come up while on the road by taking a few moments to pack a few items. The following is a ‘must have’ list of essential things all car owners must consider buying. These items, which can easily be stored in the trunk, will keep you prepared for various emergency situations that can range from a flat tire to engine failure.

A Spare Tire

A car’s tire can burst or deflate in a single second. Keeping a spare on hand will provide you with the tools you need to get to the nearest tire shop and buy another tire. Just remember, if you do use the spare to put it back in its place so it is ready for the next emergency. It is also a good idea to check the spare tire every six months to make sure it is fully inflated and contains no defects.

Blankets and Extra Clothing

Packing extra clothes is important, especially if you are driving in areas where temperatures often get very low. Pillows and blankets will also keep you cosy and warm while waiting for help. These essential items will assist you in case the car breaks down and you are stuck for a long time.

Water and Snacks

There is no way to tell just how long it will take for help to get there. Storing bottled water and snacks in the car will help keep you stay hydrated and prevent you from going hungry while waiting. Just keep in mind to replace any foods that may have expired to keep your stash fresh.


There are some emergency tools that are regarded as ‘must haves’ for the trunk of a car. Emergency tools that should be kept in a vehicle include:

o   Basic tool kit – screwdriver, hammer, wrench

o   Car jack

o   Jumper cables

 Keeping these items in the trunk of your car will help make sure you are ready for almost any situation you may face while out on the road.