Essential Things to Keep in Your Vehicle

Essential Things to Keep in Your Vehicle

It is always good to be prepared for the ugly!

Drivers can prepare for several emergency situations that may come up while on the road by taking a few moments to pack a few items. The following is a ‘must have’ list of essential things all car owners must consider buying. These items, which can easily be stored in the trunk, will keep you prepared for various emergency situations that can range from a flat tire to engine failure.

A Spare Tire

A car’s tire can burst or deflate in a single second. Keeping a spare on hand will provide you with the tools you need to get to the nearest tire shop and buy another tire. Just remember, if you do use the spare to put it back in its place so it is ready for the next emergency. It is also a good idea to check the spare tire every six months to make sure it is fully inflated and contains no defects.

Blankets and Extra Clothing

Packing extra clothes is important, especially if you are driving in areas where temperatures often get very low. Pillows and blankets will also keep you cosy and warm while waiting for help. These essential items will assist you in case the car breaks down and you are stuck for a long time.

Water and Snacks

There is no way to tell just how long it will take for help to get there. Storing bottled water and snacks in the car will help keep you stay hydrated and prevent you from going hungry while waiting. Just keep in mind to replace any foods that may have expired to keep your stash fresh.


There are some emergency tools that are regarded as ‘must haves’ for the trunk of a car. Emergency tools that should be kept in a vehicle include:

o   Basic tool kit – screwdriver, hammer, wrench

o   Car jack

o   Jumper cables

 Keeping these items in the trunk of your car will help make sure you are ready for almost any situation you may face while out on the road.

Tire Services

Care Tips That Help you Extend Tire Life

Every vehicle owner wants to enjoy a long tire life. But there are certain elements which lead to a short life of the tires. Buying new tires and replacing old ones involves high cost and you can’t afford to do this again and again. Instead of replacing damaged tires which is an expensive option, one must think about precaution i.e. taking care of your tires. Today, I would like to share 4 care tips that would help you extend your tire life longer than you expected.

  • Keep an Eye on Tire Pressure

You face problems on road, especially when you forget to check tire pressure. It is important to perform this check especially when you are going to start a long journey. If you don’t perform this check, you surely have to encounter a problem during the trip. You should check tire pressure every 3000 mi/4500 km.

This single check brings many benefits such as you can use your fuel more efficiently than before, and you can drive your car smoothly without worrying about any repair or road-side assistance. In case you don’t check your tire pressure then it can lead to many problems such as heavy tire wear, structural damage. Tire failure and poor gas mileage. You don’t want any of these problems. Isn’t it? So, always perform this check before you start a journey.

2.Go for Regular Tire Rotation

Everytime, you opt for engine oil change spend a little more money and rotate your tires. It is good to seek for this service every 10000-13000 km because it will equalize treadwear across all your tires. If you don’t do this then some tires will get more damaged than others and cause the imbalance on road. Know why you should never skip tire rotation..( add a link).

3.Fix Wheel Pull

Are you feeling wheel pull? It is time to check the wheel alignment. You can check this alignment in your vehicle owner’s manual. If you don’t know how to perform this check then it is always suggested to seek for professional’s help and guidance. An experienced person will check your wheel just to know the main reason for wheel pull, it could be imbalance alignment, low ties or air pressure. He can provide you with the best solution for this pull. You can’t drive smoothly when you encounter this problem. So, it is better to seek for professional help, just to stay on a safe side.

4.Perform Manual check

It is good to check your tires from time to time just to notice any kind of irregularities in treadwear. These irregularities usually become a reason for heavy damage, alignment problem and even inflation. So, it is good to keep an eye on your tires. Whenever you notice something irregular, it is good to seek for its solution, thereby you can nip the evil in the bud.

If you take the good of your tire by checking its pressure, doing a tire rotation, noticing its minor damage, etc then you would be able to extend your tire life. When you stop looking at your tires, then minor damage lead to major ones and it is the point when your tires become useless; you will have to spend money to get new ones. Why spend extra money when tire care tips can help you enjoy a long tire life?


5 Things You Should Know About Tires

Every vehicle owner must have clear idea and information about the tires. Keeping yourself well-informed means handling your tires in the best way and also to avoid any damage caused by unawareness of certain facts. Here are 5 things which every owner must know.

Right Time for Tire Replacement; When your vehicle needs new tires?

It is the most important question which comes into your mind while you are using a vehicle. When to seek new tires and replace the old one. Generally, you need to change tires every six years. But sometimes you have to seek a replacement before time. So, how can you know whether your car needs new tires or not?

  • Perform a coin test: It is a well-known test performed by almost every car owner. All you have to do is to grab a penny. Insert it into the grooves of your tire tread while President Lincoln’s head pointed down. If your tire tread hides any part of the head then your tire doesn’t need any kind of replacement. However, when Lincoln’s head is hidden by treads then it means that treads are shallow and you need to look for tire replacement service in Broward.
  • Sometimes, climate changes such as extreme cold and heat exposure cause heavy damage to your tires. It is better to replace damaged tires with a new one just to enjoy safe driving on road.
  • Tire Age is another factor you should consider. If your tires are more than 6 years old, you should consider a replacement.

Correct Air Pressure

It is very important for you to check air pressure time to time. When you are going to fuel up your car, ask the service provider to check the air pressure. Keeping the correct pressure is vital. You can handle your car better, keep it safe and save money on fuel. Moreover, it helps your tire last longer. What is the correct air pressure for your specific tires? It is written in your vehicle’s owner manual. Find it and maintain it.

Correct Load Index

Load index demonstrates the load-carrying capacity of your tires. You can know how much weight your car tires can support by looking at this index. It is important to know this index, especially when you are going to replace tires. You should never install lower loading carrying capacity tires than the original tires installed in your car.  It can badly affect your car performance. You can check the load index rating on the side of the tire.

Speed Rating

It is another important information you should get from your tire’s manual. It is a speed at while your car tires can carry a load under specified service condition. If you don’t consider speed, then during your ride you can cause heavy pressure and load on your tires. This condition can burst your tires and may become a reason for personal injury. So, it is good to stay on the safe side by knowing all the facts.

Check TPMS

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring system. The advanced vehicle has this system installed. It alerts you with a dashboard indicator whenever your tire’s pressure falls to a point when it requires inflation. In another word, when your tires are under inflation it will indicate you so you can maintain the pressure required and stay safe on road.

In simple words, knowing your tires and its related features will help you enjoy a smooth and worry-free drive on road.

Tire Rotation

Why You Should Never Skip a Tire Rotation

Most of us care more about Car Oil Changing and less about tire rotation. While both things are quite important for smooth driving on the road. We consider oil changing a more important task than tire rotation since if we don’t change oil from time to time then it can cause damage to the engine. Getting a new engine is a very expensive option. But you should also think about having tire rotation service alongside oil changing. Now you may like to know why it is important to get this service. So, continue reading and get to know the main reasons.

Understand Tire Wear Effects

Before you know about the importance of tire rotation service, it is essential to get an understanding of long-term tire wear effects. The cornering and rolling forces on each of your vehicle tires are different. In case of rear-wheel drive, the car sends power to the back tires while rear tires handle wear and tear. As far as the front-wheel drive is concerned, the car sends power to front tires and back tires handle the force of wear and tear.

When a car is on move then force, friction and handling the responsibility of each of its tire is different. Therefore, some tires get more damaged and aged with time than others. It means that some tires need replacement while others will work fine. It’s like the wear and tear load is different on all tires. But you need to balance the process and do the tire rotation.

What is Tire Rotation?

It is a process in which service provider remove your wheels and tires and put them in a different position. The main purpose is to balance wheels and tires. The benefit of tire rotation service is that it boosts up the functional life of a tire. So, if you get this service you are able to use your all tires longer than expected. Normally, you need to get tire rotation service every 5-6000 miles.

Why Do you need Tire Rotation Services?

Increasing tire functional life is not the single reason for getting this service. You should get this service because it will save your money as well. Actually, when you don’t bother getting this service then your tires see deep tread damage. Sometimes, this damage is so bad that you can’t repair the tire. Instead, you need to buy a new tire as a replacement. Tire rotation service cost is very less as compared to tire replacement service.

You need to see a big picture here. Spending a few bucks on this service will help you enjoy long tire life, you can avoid regular wear/tear and expensive tire replacement cost.

When you get this service then the vehicle can easily prevent normal wear patterns. During rotation service, all your tires will be checked to see any damage. When the damage is minor, the repair process is inexpensive and quick.  Leaving your tires untreated for a long time simply lead to more damage than you can expect.

I’m sure now you will be convinced to consider getting Tire rotation service in Broward County because it can save your money and let you enjoy long function life of your tires. Best of all, the cost of this service is very affordable.

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